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Results of the poll of workers at the Parc Científic

About 95% live in Lleida and 76% travel in private vehicles

A total of 332 workers at the Parc Científic answered the survey during the first fortnight of February by Sereis Centrals of the Parc. The survey asks questions about place of residence and mobility and requested proposals to improve the site.

About 95% of the respondents reside in Lleida, 64.75% live in the city and 30.12% in the province, according to the survey. 66% use their own vehicle individually to go to work, while 10% share a private vehicle; 12% travels by motorbike or bicycle; 6% use public transportation and 6% go to work walking. The measures proposed are to improve the mobility of the shuttle bus, locate its stop within the precinct, encourage the sharing of private cars and improve pedestrian access to the Parc.

See the survey results on this website

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