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The Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park begins with the intention that it should become one of the main scientific and technological platforms in the agri-food sphere for the whole of Spain, and that it should be a pole for innovation, capable of attracting technology-based businesses.

The Park is a good instrument for:

  • Strengthening University of Lleida research groups and the interaction between them and attracting new researchers.
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the business fabric of Lleida’s area of influence by promoting innovation, the provision of on-demand R+D+i services and the dissemination of the results of this innovation to businesses.
  • Securing new business activities with high added value.
  • Creating new qualified jobs and new professional opportunities for young university graduates.

Gardeny hill is the headquarters where an important part of the park’s infrastructures are located: the science building, the technology transfer building, the technology building and the business nursery, which has communal facilities and will form part of the technology services platform.

But there are three other sites:

  • Arboretum. Located beside the agronomy campus. Structure holding well-documented collections of living plants and crops from the Mediterranean arc in order to establish research and conservation programmes for plant species.
  • ETSEA campus. Lleida Agri-food Research Institute (IRAL), the basic research centre in the sphere of agricultural engineering, food science and technology and biotechnology.
  • Health Campus. The Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida) is intended to be an integrating, multidisciplinary centre for the biomedical research activity carried on in Lleida. Its research groups cover three aspects of research involved in health and nutrition: basic, translational and clinical/epidemiological.
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Institut de Reserca Biomèdica Arborètum - Jardí botànic de Lleida

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