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What is COPIT?

The Programme for Cooperation between Industrial, Technology and Science Parks (COPIT) is an initiative from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC) aimed to improve competitiveness and promote the development of business between companies on industrial, technology and science parks through a joint cooperation programme.
The COPIT programme has the cooperation of the Industrial Organisation College (EOI), the Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE), the Spanish Industrial Estates Coordination Body (CEPE) and the National Innovation Enterprise (ENISA).
The actions included in the agreement mentioned above are cofinanced with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

Technical contact: Xavier Ticó Parc Phone: 973 272 922.

Business Cooperation Network (RCE)

The COPIT programme is backed by the Business Cooperation Network (RCE), intended to promote relations between parks and concentrations of businesses, promoting cooperation between their companies.
The RCE makes an online platform available to the participating businesses making it possible to publicise offers and requirements generated by the companies free at a national level, as well as making it easier to seek partners.

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