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Descripció de l'oferta:

OPTION ENGINEERING S.L. is a startup company in its more early stage. We want to focus on building construction automation and building climate systems optimization. Due to the origin of the background companies the initial target will be on agri-business facilities, more precisely in pig buildings. We are seeking to hire a second position in the company with an engineering profile. This person will carry out part of the project job and will be accompanied by an external research company which is already working on the project. In a broad sense this last will be involved in the robotics and automation side of the project and the first will be involved in the structural and technical systems design side.

PROJECT GOAL The final goal is the generation of a new construction system with a high degree of automation during the erection process targeting the agri-business sector world-wide. Because of this target the inside and outside building climate conditions are of high influence on the building. The project seeks the design and generation of climate control devices mostly following Passive House principles. 



·      Experiència mínima: NOT REQUIRED


Requisits mínims:

1) Person with an engineering degree specialized in structural design. (Compulsory).

2) Skilled in using FEM numerical methods. (Compulsory).

3) Good command in Python programming (A must).

4) Good command in CFD simulation using Open-Foam or Ansys-Fluent software. (A wish).

5) Fluency speaking, writing and understanding English (Compulsory).

6) The profile required should be more skilled in structural building design than on building system technologies. Theres already one engineer working in passive climate systems development whose work will be coupled with the structural part. (A must)

7) Ideally with experience in BIM modelling and structural building simulation software. The design processes will be carried on Autodesk Revit and some building simulation will be done using Cype software. (A wish).

8) Person with high learning skills and resilience to constant changes to procedures, methodologies and software. (A must).

9) Person interested in building construction as a whole, able to technically understand both structural and system parts. (A must).

10) Person able to work under goal pressure while taking into account the global scope of the project. (A wish).

11) Person with good communication skills. (A must). 


Requisits desitjats:

See above

Tipus de contracte:

1) Job contract for 40 h/week.

2) Salary will be defined depending on the final skills and experience of the applicant.

3) Job term: we are fully aware of the challenges and risks on setting up a new project. In any case the decision is made on funding the project for at least 3 years.


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