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Magical collaborated on five films at the Mostra “Som Cinema”


“Segon Origen”, “Camí Ral”, “Clodette”, “Herència Tèrbola” and “Venki”

Magical Media has collaborated on five films presented at the Mostra Som Cinema, which will open in Lleida on Thursday the 23th. The event will open with the presentation of the making of the film Segon Origen, directed by Carles Porta, made at Magical.

Camí Ral, directed by Pep Oriol, will participate in the documentary section and it was filmed with Magical technology, where the sound and image post-production was done as well. Clodette, directed by José Pozo, will introduce the short film section, which used Magical filming technology and post-production. Herència Tèrbola, from the youths Mireia Cañadas, Anna Ibáñez, Lídia Pàmies and Jordina Solé, winners of the UdL/Ibercaja award Lights, Camera, Action, used the Avid and Mistika halls for the editing. Finally, you can see the teaser for Venki, under the direction of Miquel Abella, filmed with Magical technology.

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